All the flowers are drawn for, and dedicated to, my beloved Zeyneb.

Although being told at school that the most cliché thing an artist could draw is a flower, many years on I find myself still fascinated by them; compelled to explore their form through drawing. Flowers have a certain presence and intelligence for me which is a reflection of Life itself. Seeing beauty in a flower can allow us to see the beauty that is an essential part of our own innermost Being - our true nature. Recognition of that beauty can result in an innate shift of our Consciousness.

Their intelligence also reflects the intelligence within - Mankind. With the way the flower knows where to turn for the sun - when to open and when to close - they remind us of the inherent intelligence in everything. Radiating with Totality from their radial, consentric geometry, the flower reminds us of the one, true source: God, Divine, Creation, Whatever.

Each of my drawings is a recorded poem with its own uniqueness and integrity intending to represent the beauty and diversity of Life. You can see yourself within them: them within you. Some of the flowers were drawn with one stroke and one breath: exploring the depths of Oneness and Uniqueness: the sheer depths of the Divine.

They are not explanations but expressions.

As I look at a blank piece of paper, I look into myself where I see and connect to the Divine - to that infinite space, place. The rest is a devoted recording. Everything appears from silence, from within, from a sense of peace which creates an emptiness and nothingness.

The colours reflect Divine intelligence and the centred gestures reflect Oneness. The varied repetitions and series reflect a diversity and uniqueness, which through Oneness is able to be expressed. Each stroke, each curve is a translation of the way and the speed that life flows for, and within me. The way life unfolds and manifests... Flowers are a bridge between the physical and the formless. They have no utilitarian purpose for survival, and therefore radiate joy, love and have mysterious affinity.

Throughout the history of Mankind flowers have provided a source of inspiration to artists, poets and mystics One can even contemplate and learn how to live from just observing them. There is a story where the Buddha held up a flower in a silent ceremony and gazed at it for a prolonged period of time. After a while one of the monks began to smile. It is said that he is the only one that understood the silent ceremony and that smile was handed down by successive masters and much later became the origin of Zen.

All the flowers drawn here flowered from within me. This flowering made me realise that I am, in a metaphysical way, also a flower. We all are. The act of drawing the flowers was fuelled by the deep, abundant love for Zeyneb and life itself flowing from my heart. The inspiration came from the privilege of sharing and watching our three sons Sinan, Ali, Murat flower and bloom. I dedicate all 500 flowers to my love Zeyneb and back to life again with deep thankfulness.

From your own true self,
Emir Uras, May 15 2010

Emir Uras is an architect practicing and living in Istanbul.

All works are Mixed Media on paper. Measuring 50x70cm they were realised at his studio in Büyükada, Princess Islands - created between 2006 and 2010.

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